The Els Club “The Ocean”

Palm Resort “Cempaka”

Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club

Forest City Golf Resort



Forest City Golf Hotel

Forest City Golf Hotel will be the accomodation for the players participating in the World Amateur Golfers Championship world final in Johor, Malaysia from the 20th-28th of October 2018 and for those who wants a FREE extra night, you are invited to stay until the 28th.

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Promotional video of Johor

Thsi video is made by Johor Tourism and displays the wonderful area of Johor. Johor has so much to offer to all kinds of tourists that come to this part of the world. Watch the video and enjoy.

Welcome to Malaysia

Desaru Coast

Take a look at the amazing scenery that will be offered at one of the courses in Malaysia 2018. The video covers one of the courses at Desaru Beach. The Ernie Els courses at Desaru beach are designed by Mr Els himself and Vijay Singh.


Tournament program

The entire week in Johor Bahru will be filled with all sorts of different events. To get a more complete tournament program, click the link below to download your own copy of it.

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Non-Golfers Tours 2018

The tours 2018 for non-golfers are now set. Please download the complete program by clicking the link below. Might be subject for change the closer to the tournament we get.

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