World Amateur Golfers Invitational is a separate tournament that gives golfers the opportunity to share in the exciting “WAGC experience” of a world-wide tour-like championship event without first having to qualify.

Business executives with VIP clients, national agents with sponsors, loving couples, celebrities, royalty and other enthusiastic golfers from all corners of the globe are regular participants of the World Amateur Golfers Invitational (WAGI), a tournament that’s played parallel to WAGC, on the same courses, same format and rules except that it is a 2-persons team event (not 5) and has 6 hcp flights (see format & rules).

Invited Players –> World Amateur Golfers Invitational
2-person team & invidually in 6 flights, no qualification

Participants are invited to take part in the Business Networking Program, where we pair our clients on the golf course based on their field of industry and pairing preferences, placing similar business interests in close proximity.

Living up to our motto “Sport Promotes Friendship and Business”, WGI endorses networking and helps achieve, build or further develop long-lasting global business relationships, as our participants are a diverse group representing a multitude of products and services, all with a shared interest of expanding their network with new friends, partners and business opportunities.

Non-golfers, such as spouses accompanying our participants, are offered a variety of activities to make up for the time their husband or wife is at the course.