Let me start by wishing you health and safe living in this year of Pandemic and Covid – 19 that seems to go for a second attack. Please pray with me that we soon have a vaccine that help us get rid of this monster.

On another note- we will start our own Golf Channel. As I have said before, only by working together as a team we can get a maximum exposure of our WAGC tournament and from now on we will develop further the new WAGC GOLF CHANNEL and have our own opera singer and Vice Chairman of WGC Ltd, Mr. CARRY PERSSON to call you to make some interviews to be added to this new WAGC GOLF CHANNEL again strengthen the links between the Partners and highlight the excellent work that each of you spend on the tournament for a continued success.

See the first episode with an interview of Mr/Dato Nils Nordh:

This will improve our worldwide marketing in order to raise the interest of potential GLOBAL SPONSORS. We are also negotiating with NBC GOLF CHANNEL as “potential media Partner” for Mexico next year. We welcome, of course, the Partners to continue bringing their local TV channels as well, but just ask you to co-ordinate with Shoban in order to avoid any problems.

Dear All, again welcome to the World Final 2020 / 21 in CANCUN, MEXICO next year between 16 th to 23 rd of October

Keep swinging from the WGC Ltd. & DELTA WORLD team

Nils G Nordh / Chairman