World Amateur Golfers Championship and Invitational reaches out to all amateur golfers with the unique experience of a fair and exciting tour-like competition that begins as a national tournament and ends up with a grand world final against participants within your own skill level from all around the world!

National teams from over 40 countries have battled their way through national championships to reach the world finals of the World Amateur Golfers Championship. Here the amateur golfer gets to feel and be treated like a true professional.

They are joined by VIP golf enthusiasts, business leaders, sponsors, even royalty from all corners of the globe, participating in the World Amateur Golfers Invitational.

The world final is an exciting week of intense competition, beautiful scenery, exquisite luxury and great golf. In short, so much more than you would expect from any golf vacation.

Both tournaments are played simultaneously (but separately) under the strict guidance of professional referees assigned from PGA. Off the course everyone enjoys various activities such as banquets, networking and have a great time.