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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have questions about local competitions,who do I contact?

All questions regarding local competitions are answered by local partners. Please see map of countries for contact information.

What format are the local qualifications played with?

Each respective local partner decides what format is to be played in local qualifications. Format in the World final is explained under Format & Rules on this page.

How many courses are played in the world final?

Four courses are played each year for both WAGC and WAGI. There are also two days of pratice on two of the courses.

How much money can I win if Iwin the World final?

Since this is an amateur event no money will be paid to the winners, however some beautiful trofees are handed out to all winners..

If I win the local qualification, what happens then?

You will then represent your country in the World Amateur Golfers Championship world final.

What different handicap flights are there?

The flights aredivided into 5 flights for WAGC and 6 flights for WAGI. See Format & Rules on this page.

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