The World Amateur Golfers Championship world final and World Amateur Golfers Invitational tournments are played over 72 holes, stroke play, with hcp adjustments after each round, giving all a fair and equal opportunity both in the team championship and individually within each flight.

Team and individual

Players in both the Championship and the Invitational compete for individual titles within each flight, as well as a team title.

The Championship Team Competition combines the best four scores (of five) per day from the national team whereas the Invitational counts the combined total score of both team members.

Age rules

In order to participate in the world final you must be at least 16 years of age before the championship starts (and must be accompanied by an adult if under 18).

Handicap Documentation

All Partners/ team managers/captains supply WAGC with a signed document listing their five championship players and the handicaps of the players on qualification. This signed document must be countersigned by a representative of the home country amateur golf union. This document must be sent to WAGC ([email protected] ) prior to competing.


Countries that do not supply this completed document would be required to start the championship off the minimum allowable handicap in each flight. Handicap 0 – 5.4, without paperwork means you start at 0.

Handicap Flights

The Championship is played in five handicap flights and the Invitational in six handicap flights, each played separately.

Handicap Flights
 0 – 5.4
 5.5 – 10.4
 10.5 – 15.4
 15.5 – 20.4
 20.5 – 25.4
 25.5 – 30.4*
* This flight is only in the Invitational, not in the Championship. Players with hcp 30.5 and over must enter with a hcp 30.4.

All WAGC players compete in the handicap flights they qualified into and most will play with their exact handicaps, with the following exceptions:

  • Players entering the world final with higher handicaps than the flights they qualified into will play with the highest handicap for their flight.
  • Players who enter the world final with lower handicaps than the flights into which they qualified will play with their current handicaps, even though they are lower then the flight.
Equitable Stroke Control

Equitable Stroke Control sets a maximum number of strokes that a player can post on any hole during the tournament to par +4.

In other words: If you are five over par on a hole, you pick up the ball and write the maximum strokes as shown below:

Maximum Strokes:

Par 3 = 7 strokes, Par 4 = 8 strokes, Par 5 = 9 strokes

Handicap Adjustment
To cope with the varying handicap rules from around the world handicap
adjustments are made after each round. This balances the scores and
gives a fair game under equal conditions.
The adjustment is based on the players score against par, see handicap
adjustment chart.
Ex. If you play a Par 72 course and shoot between 77-79 you get 1 extra stroke the next round.