Par: 72
Length: 7019 m / 7676 y
Type: Parkland
Architect: Jack Nicklaus

Sungai Long Golf Country Club

Sungai Long Golf Course is the first international championship golf course in Malaysia designed by
golf master Jack Nicklaus and as such, the legend himself drawn on all his designing experience
to craft a unique course while maintaining the natural character of the terrain, Jack Nicklaus┬┤ attention
to architechtural flow and the variety of shots that must be boldly struck combined with superb conditioning and maintenence.

Stretched across 160 acres of scenic greenery, this 18 hole par 72 course challenges to bring out the best in every golfer
at every turn with excellent water features and strategically placed slopes, mounds and traps. At 7019 meters long and with
features such as specially designed bunkering, immaculately groomed greens, generous landing areas, sculptured fairways and
paved card paths that weave throughout the meticulously landscape, it is no wonder that we call it is called “Garden of Eden”.